Ocean Township High School Rain Garden is looking good

Welcome to the OTHS rain garden, planted by the science club with help from Rutgers Water Resources and WPBWA.
Water is slowed by the stones and then filtered by the plants before it soaks into the ground and ultimately into the brook.
The downspout was moved to this side of the wall and now feeds the garden.
These grasses thrive in areas that are inundated at times.

These stones, on the west side of the garden,  slow the water flow down and keep try to keep  it from going out into the parking lot if the rain garden overflows.

Everyone was having fun at the planting.
Burke Construction team volunteered to prepare the site. Thanks for your support.
Rutgers Water Resources Division, Michele Hartman waters the new plants.


The Wild Rivers National Monument, New Mexico  was created this year and is already under ‘review’ by Secretary Zinke.  So remember, whether it be the confluence of the Rio Grande and the Red River in New Mexico or our Cranberry Brook and

Cranberry Brook and Whale Pond Brook confluence

Whale Pond Brook, we love and try to protect our rivers and watersheds. Last month at our local Sierra Club meeting we generated 19 letters to Secretary Zinke urging him to protect our national monuments and parks.  At the local level, please join us in our clean-ups, educational efforts,  trail building and gardening.  Get to know your watershed. Check out the events page on how you can get involved.