Stormwater update!

This year, 2023 – 2024, the Long Branch Environmental Commission will be working to enhance our stormwater ordinance. We want to build upon the energy created when Long Branch added some additional green enhancements to their local stormwater ordinance.  Together we are making a difference in the amount of stormwater runoff in our watersheds.

Our next step is to help our towns amend the newly adopted ordinance by adding the ‘redevelopment’ enhancement. The Watershed Institute’s sample ordinance definition of redevelopment follows:

“Redevelopment” means an activity that results in the creation, addition, or replacement of impervious surface area on an already developed site. Redevelopment includes, but is not limited to: the expansion of a building footprint; addition or replacement of a structure or a portion of a structure regardless of footprint; and replacement of impervious surface area that is not part of a routine maintenance activity. If a project is considered to be a redevelopment project, all new impervious cover, whether created by adding to or replacing impervious cover that was in existence before the redevelopment occurs, shall be considered in calculating the requirements for stormwater management. However, any such new impervious cover that will drain into an existing stormwater best management practice that is to remain after the redevelopment and that meets current stormwater management requirements shall be deducted from the total amount of impervious surface that must be treated by new stormwater best management practices. In the case of a redevelopment project, the pre-developed land cover shall be considered to be wooded. 

For example, if you have an old strip mall that is being redeveloped, we want the developer to follow the green infrastructure guidelines as if this were a new development.

Since most of our towns are mostly built up, redevelopment will predominate. Send this definition to your municipal engineer.  If you want help, contact: