Help us manage stormwater in your neighborhood

Chris Obropta, P.E. Rutgers Water Resources Division presented Impervious Cover Assessments and Impervious Reduction Action Plans to members of the Whale Pond Brook Watershed Association and the Ocean Township Environmental Commission.  12 sites were chosen by Rutgers and the public is invited to suggest other sites where we might better manage stormwater in your neighborhood by using green infrastructure such as rain gardens and pervious surfaces in parking lots. This is a continuance of our regional efforts to stop flooding on the Whale Pond Brook watershed which began in 2014 with a regional watershed meeting including all 5 towns on the watershed.  Send your suggestions to us on our website: or contact Ray Pogwist, Chair, Ocean Township Environmental Commission.


Left to right:  Jeff King, Whale Pond Brook Watershed Association, Ray Pogwist, Ocean Township Environmental Commission Chair, Laura Bagwell, Whale Pond Brook Watershed Association, Fred Brody, Planning Board Liaison to OT Environmental Commission, Chris Obropta, Rutgers Water Resources Division and Laurel Van Gerichten, OT Environmental Commission.


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